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The crew, in the whip, doing what we do best, loving life, living fast.

Photo by Kolby Schnelli

Photos by Kolby Schnelli

Warped Tour Kick Off Party - Club Nokia, Los Angeles
Photoset by Edward Brandon
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Spread the word, this summer on Spotify stage!

Spread the word, this summer on Spotify stage!

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Photos by Acacia Evans
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not my photo, just my edit(:


not my photo, just my edit(:

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Getting Physical

Holding the physical copy of our debut Full Length album. When we got the physical copy of our first EP yeah I was stoked, proud, full of energy, but nowhere near the sense of accomplishment I feel now. Knowing that with the guidance and companionship we all share, 6 best friends, brought together through music, but united as a family, we were able to write such a ground breaking album. We have conquered so much this year, not only in the industry, but more so in our own lives. Dreams, aspirations, and selflessness as the greatest achievement. We’ve all talked multiple times and our biggest goals aside from having a long term career, were just to move people with our talents, and our passions, our lyrics, and our innovations.

So holding the physical copy of our debut Full Length album, holding mine and Michael’s token of a fresh new beginning in music, holding the trophy of what I would consider our greatest milestone yet, and knowing that it is the document of our brotherhood. This is only the beginning.

Reading over the thank you page in tears, despite that I submitted the text for our artwork months ago, I still forgot how far we’ve really come, and having the finished product in my hands, breathing out my final breath of stress, I’m overwhelmed at how heartfelt and emotional we all became when making this album. Flying to the studio we were all just excited, but being in the studio we all had to relive such dark periods in our life, for some strange reason that’s just where we gained the most influence for this music. And from the ashes of those times we rose like a Phoenix, and we got on our skateboards and into the sunset… wait, that’s gay… hmm….

You guys get it right? Haha fuck it! We love you guys, and though this feels like the beginning, some of you have made us feel like we’ve lived a satisfying lifetime already and for that we can never repay you enough. The fruits of our labor… for you, I present you at midnight… Issues Self Titled debut full length album, the physical copy. We love you.